Frequently Asked Questions

What is PhotoTrack?

PhotoTrack® detects new images for your monitored Android & iPhone devices. When Camera, Sexting or Screen Capturing content is detected, PhotoTrack sends a notification to a parent or guardian stating that a new photo was captured from the teen’s monitored device. We do not keep your child’s content on our servers, nor do we include flagged content in alert notifications. PhotoTrack’s purpose is NOT for spying on individuals! Its purpose is to help prevent the devastating consequences of Sexting, Photographing and Screen Capturing improper photos!

How does the PhotoTrack platform work?

The PhotoTrack platform includes a web portal and a child mobile app synced to a robust back-end tracking and management system. PhotoTrack’s mobile app provides users with fast, secure and background reporting – all at the touch of a button. Administrators are equipped with PhotoTrackPortal, a comprehensive, streamlined, cloud-based activity management system that presents location of your child and their photo archiving activities.

How does the PhotoTrackChild mobile app work?

The PhotoTrack Child app works in the background registering each time your monitored phone changes location and takes or saves a photo.

What is PhotoTrackPortal and how can it save time and mitigate risk?

The PhotoTrack web portal provides parents or guardians with fast, secure and comprehensive overview of your monitored child’s location and photo activities. This tool ensures that your child is not only where they say they would be, but provides parental insight on the child’s use of the phone and subject matter of their photos.

Is PhotoTrack a deterrent?

By nature communication and education is the best method to ensure responsible safe and legal behavior. Understanding that our children are inexperienced and their understanding of proper behavior and use may not be complete, PhotoTrack is a tool that will deter your minor from taking, possessing and distributing explicit photographs, photographing and distributing bullying activities.  The PhotoTrack app was created to assist parents with monitoring, communicating and educating their child as to proper standards for content creation and distribution.

How will PhotoTrack affect my liability?

PhotoTrack reduces your liability. The PhotoTrack platform provides the structure and tools you need to receive information and effectively manage, document, and communicate with your child while teaching compliance to local and national laws and standards. PhotoTrackPortal automates the proper handling of photographs and videos, and allows you to instantly guide your child to discard their improper content. This tool allows you, the parent, to mitigate risk and reduce your liability of your child’s actions.

What is the Student Privacy Pledge and is PhotoTrack a signatory?

PhotoTrack is proud to announce that we have joined leaders in education technology in signing the Student Privacy Pledge, reflecting our commitment to safeguarding the privacy of student information. Spearheaded by The Future of Privacy Forum and the Software & Information Industry Association and endorsed by President Obama, the Student Privacy Pledge sets clear and strict standards regarding the use of student data by school service provides. Key components of the pledge include using student data for authorized educational purposes only, providing comprehensive security standards, and transparency regarding collection and use of data, and supporting parental access to student information. Learn more about the Student Privacy Pledge at

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