How To Use PhotoTrack

Parental Portal

  1. Login Page

  2. Sign Up

    Two Ways a User can sign up on the Parent Portal are by providing a unique email and password that the the parent wants PhotoTrack to identify them with, or alternatively, they can also use their Google ID for the same (see the links highlighted below).

Upon Selecting the way in which the parent wants to register with PhotoTrack they will be directed to the next step (shown below):

User needs to check on the acknowledgment checkbox at the bottom of the screen above. Once the user accepts the Terms and Conditions, they will be allowed to Click “Next”

The Next screen will prompt the parent to provide more information about them (see the screen below):

Mandatory data for moving onto the next steps are:

  • Email (Unique within our database)

  • Password and Password Confirmation (Only for non-Google ID users)

After this step, the Parent can add Minors by clicking on the Add Minors button, or they can finish the setup process at this point and add minors later.

3. Adding Minors

Upon Completion of this Registration process, the Parent will be directed to the landing page (see below):

– the number of devices under the Minors Profile is showing 0. This is because the Minor has been sent an Invite to install the app on their phone, but they have not yet installed the app.

Upon successful registration of the app on the Minor’s device, the Parent portal will show the count of devices on the Minor Profile, as shown in the screenshot below:

Parent can click on the number of devices and see the device details:

The screen above shows 1 Active and 1 Deactivated device. The Deactivated Device cannot communicate with the parent portal. The Parent may choose to deactivate a device in case they don’t want to track the minor during a particular period of time.  They can reactivate the device at any time.


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